Historically, Black veterans have faced racial bias in access to post-service benefits and services. A shameful legacy of racial bias continues as Black service-members face stark realities in disciplinary actions under the Uniformed Code for Military Justice - confronting up to a 70 percent disparity in courts-martial & non-judicial punishments relative to their white counterparts. Black service-members also remain disproportionately represented in enlisted ranks, face racial bias in performance evaluations and career advancement and have a diminutive presence within elite training schools - collectively maintaining an unaddressed racial hierarchy within the rank and file of our nation’s military.

Post-military, minority veterans account for half of the nation’s homeless veteran population and face a 44 percent higher risk of unemployment. Black veterans are twice as likely to live in poverty and three times more likely to access shelter programming as a result. Currently, less than half of all Black Veterans receive federal VA benefits, and over half of minority Veterans have little to no awareness of VA benefits and services.

These phenomenas are driven by a confluence of factors that the Black Veteran’s Project seeks to illuminate. While organizing Black veterans of the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, the Black Veterans Project seeks to draw on existing data and foster new research to engage the public around the role race continues to plays across the nation’s military landscape.



A collection of first-person narratives and primary source materials that expand the historical record. BVP will seek to proliferate dynamic partnerships and leverage online tools that facilitate public engagement.


An issue-based campaign that advocates for Black veterans across government, the military, and service organization space.


A chronicling of the fraught racial climate of the Vietnam War - our nation’s first fully-integrated conflict and Black service in the War on Terror during the era of the Movement for Black Lives.