History has produced unforeseen disparities in everything from wealth to health outcomes. This phenomenon is even more stark along racial lines. The military is not immune from this. Black Veterans Project seeks to bridge the historical divide to ensure public access to the unique history of Black military service currently absent from mainstream discourse.

We’ve undertaken work to remove confederate monuments and namesakes from Military installations, write extensively around issues of military racial justice and discrimination and create video and digital content to provide a more balanced historical record that accounts for the contributions of Black veterans throughout American History.

Military Justice

We tackle discriminatory outcomes within the military justice system, advocate for the civil and human rights of military service members and ensure equal opportunity for all who serve.

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Veteran Advocacy

We advance  and expand access to veteran benefits through research, advocacy and litigation.

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Public Education

We engage the public around the military’s enduring legacy of racial discrimination while sharing the history of Black veterans who’ve defied it.

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