BVP Urges Clemency for 24th Infantry

Written by

Richard Brookshire


February 22, 2022


SAN ANTONIO, TX -- Today, Black Veterans Project acknowledges a ceremony hosted by the Department of Defense at Fort Sam Houston to commemorate the soldiers of the 24th Infantry Regiment. In 1917, Black soldiers assigned to the 24th Infantry mutinied in Houston, Texas prompting a controversial military trial that resulted in the conviction of 110, the execution of 19 Black soldiers and the life-long imprisonment of 41 Black veterans.

"For over 100 years, the men of the 24th Infantry Regiment have been mired by a historical injustice that highlights the struggle of our nation to grapple with the legacy of anti-Black racism and discrimination in our Armed Forces," said Richard Brookshire, CEO of the Black Veterans Project. "BVP wants to acknowledge and commend the Biden Administration, Department of Defense and Department of the Army for taking initial steps to restore the honor and dignity these soldiers were denied. Our military's effort to recognize their mishandling of this mutiny must be met with a commitment to extending honorable discharges and full pardons in order to correct this miscarriage of justice. These men deserve nothing less."


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