Black Veterans Project seeks to foster a community of stakeholders to draw on existing data and advance new research to amplify the unique barriers faced by Black veterans of all generations.


There are more than 2 million Black veterans in the United States. [1]


Black veterans account for a third of our nation’s homeless veteran population. [2]


Black veterans are twice as likely to live in poverty than their white counterparts. [3]

In 2020, Black Veterans Project's co-led the formation of the Black Veterans Empowerment Council (BVEC), a national coalition of Black veterans organizations centralizing federal and state legislative advocacy.

BVEC's immediate priority is the passage of the Isaac Woodard, Jr. and Joseph H. Maddox GI Bill Repair Act, a restitution package to the direct descendants of Black World War II veterans who faced ardent discrimination in access to housing and education benefits from 1945 to 1956. [4]

Since 2020, BVP has partnered with Yale Law School's Veterans Legal Services Clinic to deliver the largest race-based data query in the history of the Department of Veterans Affairs to formulate policy recommendations for restorative justice and provide pathways for future litigation. [5]


We advance groundbreaking research to illuminate persisting racial inequities both in and out of uniform affecting the lives of Black Americans who serve in the Armed Forces.

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We work with partners to expand access to veteran benefits for Black veterans across generations of service.

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We amplify the unique contributions of Black veterans to illuminate the enduring legacy of racial discrimination while sharing the history of Black veterans who’ve defied it.

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